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Moving Fast Pushpins

While I was excited to see the OpenGL support in AGX, I didn’t find ESRI’s Custom Drawing sample to be very exciting.

So, I modified it by adding a timer that moves Pushpins around the globe.

The modified code is here.

Build 410 or later required.


OpenGL for AGX … did I just feel the earth move?

As Location Based Soup points out, the latest AGX build has some cool stuff. At first glance it looks like support for OpenGL in the new build of ArcGIS Explorer could make for interesting plate tectonic tools.

plate tectonics

Particularly, it seems like a list of rotation steps for different plates could be played back through time (where each has a different pole of rotation). Perhaps quaternions would make adding up the rotational vectors easier, here’s a tutorial that might help with the math.

Animations like these would be more interesting in AGX.

(Un)Embeddable Google Maps for

I was excited to hear about embedding google maps in my blog.

They say it’s just like embedding YouTube videos. Well, not quite.

Unlike videos, embedded maps use IFrames, which strips out for security reasons.

WordPress massages the code pasted from youtube into a url. I wish they could do something similar for Google Maps