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RFID for Terrorists

Allpoints mentions how RFID tracking is “coming of age”.  Nowadays seems like a technology hasn’t really come of age until it’s adopted by terrorists, quoting from :

“London’s Royal Academy of Engineering suggests that someday a terrorist will be able to read personal details from a distance and set a bomb to go off when a particular person gets within range.”


Please Ship or Get off the Pot

A client has some ArcSDE performance issues that I need to look at.

As I have blogged earlier, the Geodatabase Toolset (gdbt) appears to be what I need. This is a freely downloadable unsupported extension.

There is still no 9.2 version of the gdbt. I don’t understand … why ESRI doesn’t post the source for this tool on arcscripts? I would understand if they were selling the product. But it’s free – what is the business case for not posting the source code?

Work, Play & War

What does it say about us when the latest Playstation has so much more computing power than a Workstation?

Not so long ago it was GIS practioners who had to teach people to spatially navigate digital worlds. Now its the other way around. A new generation of users raised on computer games are demanding game-like experiences from GIS. When I heard people in the Defense User Group meeting demanding 3D dymamic display, I thought OK, ESRI just needs to migrate to the Playstation 3 platform.

However, after looking at this Dr. Dobbs article, I think it will take the deep pockets of a defense project. I remember Reagan looking at some kids playing first person shooter games and commenting that the games were “training tomorrow’s warriors”. The warriors are now trained, now they just need weapons like the ones they’ve been trained upon.