Knowing: Ban this Movie!

Not Even OGC Compliant!

The movie Knowing should be banned. In 1959 a rather geeky-looking girl stares at the sun too long and scribbles down a page full of numbers. The list is put in a time capsule and opened 50 years later. Turns out the numbers are Date/Latitude/Longitude keys associated with death and destruction. Knowing these numbers doesn’t help though, the protagonist (an astrophysicist) and his son are fatalistically doomed to wander aimlessly for the remaining hour of the movie.

This movie is dangerous – it discourages kids from learning the math and science they need to solve the problems facing the planet.

If you’re into astrophysics and feel like opening a time capsule, check out the Feynman lecture videos.

Also, check out the new Physics Helper for Silverlight 3.


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  1. dwitzel on

    oh, and another thing, its really bad. don’t let the fact that nicholas cage is in it sway you in any way. kind of makes you wish for the end of the world…

    (my son made me watch it.)

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Yeah I mistakenly assumed it was like National Treasure 1&2. Even though the history was bogus, at least it piqued the kids’ interest. For the migrating-from-a-destroyed planet genre, I really like Wall-E.

  3. music on

    why would you let children watch the movie? the rating says PG-13 for a reason. if it was meant for kids, then wouldn’t it be rated PG or under? the movie was not made for kids. so, the question is, why would you let children watch the movie? look at the rating before you let a little kid or a kid under thirteen watch it. even if the kid is under ten and is already watching movies rated PG-13 or higher, you should still have parental caution.

  4. melinda on

    Do you have a full page of the exact numbers that were written down in the movie by Lucinda Embre if you do can you please email the copy to me?

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