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Whatever happened to the Multipurpose Cadaster?

Vector1 asks “Will digital city models become one über model or separate models for specific domains? “.

This discussion reminds me of the “multipurpose cadaster” concept that used to circulate years ago. I don’t hear it mentioned much any more. Also we used to hear about the importance of “topology” and how that is the key differentiator between CAD and GIS.

It seems that what is missing in urban models is the connectivity, e.g. how do you walk from room 1240 in bldg A to room 5320 in bldg B ? Topology is what connects these. It also seems like early implementations of topology made us accustomed to thinking of connectivity solely in terms of polylines (e.g. street centerlines).

Perhaps we need to think of a building as a network of rooms. Each room is a node in the network. Links between nodes can be built based on doorways, elevators, escalators, etc.. With topology defined in this way, first responders could be dispatched more effectively.

Just so happens the best graphic I could find illustrating this concept is from the Texas GIS Forum being held in Austin Oct 27-31. While I’m not sure if there will be any presentations on building connectivity per se, it should be a good conference.

Texas GIS Forum

Texas GIS Forum


Is there a PluginWorkspaceFactory for SqlServer 2008?

With SQL Server 2008 supporting spatial types, it seems natural to write Plugin Workspace for it. Why hasn’t this been done? ArcGIS Server (Basic) 9.3 is required if you want to use Sql Server 2008.

Seems like it wouldn’t be hard to write a PluginWorkspace. Intead of storing coordinates in a file, as the SimplePoint example does, it would store a connection string along with a table name or sql expression.

This plugin would allow ArcView 9.2 to view SqlServer 2008 without ArcGIS Server.

For editing, a command could be written that creates a local scratch copy for editing. Then after edits, another command could insert/update/delete based on changes.

Now if only ESRI would provide an alternative to the required COMException in IPlugInCursorHelper.NextRecord() …

What’s your Vector, Victor?

Maybe a hardware issue?

Maybe a hardware issue?

The National Air Space Data Interchange Network (NADIN) crashed yesterday, delaying air travel across the US. I wonder if NADIN performs spatial processing.

NADIN is used to distribute flight plans filed by pilots before their planes depart, allowing air traffic controllers along the routes to know when planes are departing, where they are headed, the type of aircraft being flown, as well as other detailed information used to track and guide flights across U.S. airspace. The information appears on flight controllers’ screens so flights can be identified. – ComputerWorld

Or Maybe a Software Issue…
This press release from Stratus in 2005 says the system is Windows based.