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Indoor GIS with Wp7

Professor Mike Goodchild says

the average American only spends 13 percent of the time outdoors. GIS-based services help us find restaurants and hotels, but they offer almost no support for navigating in the complex indoor spaces of shopping centers, hospitals, mines, or airports.

I still get disoriented at the Dev summit. I’d like to be able to see a floor plan map of the conference center, oriented to north centered on my location. It seems like the WiFi routers could be used for in door geolocation. However I don’t see anything in Wp7 that would estimate my location based on relative strengths of nearby wifi routers.


Wp7 Photosynth

Michael King, the Gartner keynote presenter at the Dev Summit this morning, mentioned a good use case for a mobile augmented reality app. He described a worker using a mobile device to retrieve annotated virtual reality images indicating what steam fitting to mark up.

That brought to mind the photosynth of GasWorks park in Seattle. It seems like the photos in this synth could be streamed to a user who walks around the park with annotations. Think of how first responders to a refinery could use such an application.

This will require microsoft to expose position and orientation of the camera so that a silverlight app, similar to the silverlight photosynth viewer, could retrieve and orient the photo as the camera is moved.

The app would also need to support annotation markup that could be attached to individual synth images.

ESRI Dev Summit Sample code posted

Looks like all the samples are posted here.