(Un)Embeddable Google Maps for WordPress.com

I was excited to hear about embedding google maps in my blog.

They say it’s just like embedding YouTube videos. Well, not quite.

Unlike videos, embedded maps use IFrames, which WordPress.com strips out for security reasons.

WordPress massages the code pasted from youtube into a url. I wish they could do something similar for Google Maps

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  1. Aaron W. VanWieren on

    Give it time and someone will create a plug in for it or a work around. I am in the same boat with my blog. What plug in do you use for the small rss window above, I really dig that?

  2. Aaron W. VanWieren on

    Sorry for the second post, but wordpress blogs will take the feed as it is given from google maps. I tried this out on my site, did not publish and had no problem.

    Aaron W. VanWieren

  3. Kirk on

    Hi Aaron – Looks like you are hosting your own blog using wordpress tools from wordpress.org. WordPress.com is different – they manage all hosting and provide free blogging. Unfortunately the downside is no plugins and no IFrames. see http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/wordpresscom-vs-wordpressorg/
    By “small rss window” do you mean the Snap Preview? Chris Spagnolo discusses it here: http://www.chrisspagnuolo.com/2007/08/21/ChrisSpagnuolosGeoScrumNowFeaturingSnapShots.aspx

  4. Tia on

    Check out geopress for word press… A plugin to use Google Yahoo or Microsoft to input maps into Blogs.

  5. Kirk on

    Thanks Tia, maybe I should switch to a blog hosting service that allows plugins, unlike wordpress.com.

  6. mbchandar on

    even i am having the same problem. 😦

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