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Network Trace Add-in for ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer

network trace add-in

Today, without any coding, I created this web mapping app that performs network tracing. (Edit: to activate the trace toolbar, click the far right button on the main toolbar).

OK, I lie. I did spend a bit of time coding over the past couple of weeks, but the resulting tools: an Add-in for the ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer, and a Network Trace Server Object Extension can be re-used easily in three steps – without writing any code.

1) create an mxd that references one or more geometric networks, set the projection on the dataframe to web mercator. The network I used was downloaded as a file geodatabase from the National Hydrography Dataset.

2) publish the mxd as a map service, configuring it to use the Network Trace SOE.

3) using the Builder, create a viewer app that includes the mapservice and the Network Trace tool, configured to point to the mapservice.

If you’ve used Arcmap’s Utility Network Analyst toolbar, you may find this add-in tool familiar.

For more information on the Builder, see Esri’s Silverlight/WPF blog post.


I’ve entered this in the USGS Mashathon here. Please sign in (free) and vote by clicking on the “manage chips” link.