Legos vs. Blocks

It must be a Danish thing: recognizing the importance of interfaces to construct large assemblies from small components.
Ole Kirk Christiansen started it all with his invention of Legos in 1934.

In 1979 Bjarne Stroustrup began extending this way of thinking into software with C++.

In 2000 Anders Helsberg brought the Legos aesthetic to Microsoft, when he came to lead C# development.

Except when I step on them barefoot, I prefer Legos over wooden blocks as a construction medium. Javascript reminds me a lot of wooden blocks.
While it is faster to stack blocks than snap Legos, the resulting Lego structure seems much more stable.

hot glue gun
“Neglect” by Carlyle Micklus.

To make javascript sturdier, Duck typing and custom properties are every bit as useful as a hot glue gun. It’s not that javascript is necessarily bad – like legos, there is a certain flow about working with it – but I always wonder which browser might spring leaks.


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