Silverlight Mapcontrols, XAML, and GeoProcessing

Last week I dug into the Virtual Earth Silverlight CTP mapcontrol. Since most of my work involves C#, I like being able to write web apps without shifting gears to code in javascript. Silverlight lets me do this, plus it offers a performance advantage over javascript.

While the VE mapcontrol has some good samples, I couldn’t find what I wanted: a simple sample showing me how to interactively draw a polygon on a map. So I downloaded the ArcGIS Silverlight Beta mapcontrol. I found the sample I needed right here. I’m really curious what the equivalent code would look like for the VESL mapcontrol.

I was recently working with XML deserialization of Geoprocessor tools. I was trying to determine (and override) the logic used by the UI controls in the IMdElementEditor. I hit a dead end though. After working a bit with Silverlight, I think it would be great if the Geoprocessor were re-written around XAML.

If this were done, it seems like a silverlight version of modelbuilder could be offered. I would like to connect to my account at ArcGIS Online and use modelbuilder to create/edit and run models that operate on layer packages located on the server. The geoprocessing would occur in a sandbox on the server, with an option for the modeloutput to be a layer package on the server, or streamed back to me as an Element Layer. This sort of capability would help differentiate ArcGIS from Virtual Earth.


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