Cool Client-Side Heatmaps

The MapDotNet blog has a slick example of client side heatmapping capability.

I think the public is starting to realize the value of heatmaps as an alternative to the cartographic clutter of piles upon piles of markers.

Of course it would be helpful to normalize accident rates based on traffic volumes. Maybe it’s time to web enable the FHWA Safety Analysis tools.

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  1. mmhmm on

    im sorry but this is just a poor use of heat maps and i really hope this does not become a trend; at least for traffic maps. this defines cartographic clutter.

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    The map is showing crashes – not traffic. It would be interesting to compare the heatmap with a map showing a marker for each accident. I suspect most people would find the heatmap more meaningful. Since most accidents occur at intersections there’d be a lot of overlapping markers. Granted, this is not that useful for safety analysis, but if I managed a tow truck crew it might be useful for stationing my trucks.

  3. Mark Alexander on

    Thanks for the nice word about our heat map demo. I’m not going to argue the point about the cartography since the app is only meant to demonstrate the hot spot mapping capability of MapDotNet.

    We’ve got a new demo in the works using voter information. Check back at for it in a couple of weeks…

  4. Mark Alexander on

    Also, we’ve got an old, partially functional demo that includes a couple fo traffic analysis tools at the following URL:

    Click the ‘Traffic Analysis’ tab, then the ‘Show’ button. If you hover over one of the traffic signals, you can get a turning moverment count report.

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