GIS for the Nation of Chimerica

If we are to build a National GIS, we need to consider who will actually be paying for it: the Chinese. Let’s face it, we’ve been pwnt by China. China has reportedly replaced Germany as the world’s third largest economy.

Harvard Economics professor Naill Ferguson describes the Chinese and US economy as a single entity – Chimerica. Ferguson says:

There needs to be agreement on a gradual reduction of the Chimerican imbalance via increased U.S. exports and increased Chinese imports. The alternative — a sudden reduction of the imbalance via lower U.S. imports and lower Chinese exports — would be horrible.

Since China will be paying for it, we need to more clearly show benefits for them.

China recently announced plans to spend a half trillion on their internal infrastructure. This project will no doubt require a lot of GIS technology. Therefore, it is important that requirements for the National GIS include Chinese requirements too. They are, after all, stakeholders. Increased GIS technology exports to China would benefit both countries.


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  1. Rob on

    …and the other side of the coin would suggest that if China actually paid for software, it might address the trade imbalance?

    China’s not important?

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Hey Rob,

    Now that you mention it, I suppose China’s reluctance to enforce intellectual property might be a big factor in the future of open source. It will be interesting to see if widespread adoption of open source practices in China result in a more open government.


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