ArcObjects, Jobs and the Economy

With the GIS community getting worried about the economy, I thought I’d share some very unscientific economic data.

Over the past several years, I’ve gone to

As I recall the total number of listings peaked around 90,000. That number is now down to 55,585. Interestingly though, when it was near peak for total listings, a search on “ArcObjects” got around 40 to 50 hits. Today I got 106 hits, so the proportion of arcobjects jobs has increased substantially.

I suspect the increase in job listings reflects not so much an increase in demand, but rather a reduction in supply. Perhaps new programmers are reluctant to take the time to learn what many view as legacy technology (COM)? At the same time, successful senior programmers are falling victim to the Peter Principle, and move into management where they no longer write code.

Anyway, I don’t see COM going away any time soon. I just checked and confirmed that customization of Visual Studio 2008 (still) involves registering add-ins with the COM Interop.


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