Stop Me Before I Code Again

Dave Bouwman raises some interesting points.

“Best line of code ever … is the one that’s never written”.

I tend to agree with this. However, there are cases where writing code that is not tied to a specific requirement makes sense.

After writing code for electric and water utilities for many years, and seeing the same requirements cropping up again and again, but with slight variations, I decided to write a framework.

Frameworks define “semi-complete” applications that embody domain-specific object structures and functionality.

While my business model focuses on selling programming services, I am moving towards a “solutions” business model. I know, I know … solutions is a buzzword that seems dated, but its the best term I’m aware of to describe a package that combines an application framework with programming services. Let me know if there’s a better term.

At first the hard part was convincing clients the value of writing code for a framework when there was no project requirement specifically asking for one. Now that the framework is in place – and I can quickly turn around enhancement requests – the value has become apparent.

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  1. Dave Bouwman on


    Good point, and that’s a route that I’ve gone down in the past. The problem there was that I’d spend time building the framework on Project A, and then the sales team would never deliver Project B. Or, Client B’s requirements would be just a little different, but in some key area that the whole thing was a do-over anyhow.

    Our current approach is to keep libraries of functions between projects that are on the same platform, and then extend/refine from project to project. This way we get the benefits of re-use, without building out “what-if” business logic code.



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