Google Trend Mapping

google trends
Google Flu Trends is an interesting concept: Make a map where each state is shaded based on frequency of searches for flu-related search terms. I wonder what a Google Chapter 11 Trends map might look like.

Seems like Google Trends could use the same approach for other things. They could provide a heat map at the bottom of each trend detail page to see where the trend is hotter. In Google Trends for Websites I can drill down to the state level, but I don’t see a way to get a trend line for a particular state.

I wonder if Google is considering a service whereby a user pays to have trends tracked for a list of search words.

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  1. Rob on

    Chapter 11, I like it. Another example of how the best ideas can be so simple. I see December looks like the killer; we’ll have to see if it spreads North to South.

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