Office Heatmaps

Office Heatmap of WiFi signal strength - SlowChop Studios

Office Heatmap of WiFi signal strength

Here‘s a cool mapping app you can use to help choose the best place to work in your office. Source code is available. Seems like with a microphone attached, it would be possible to make a noise-level heatmap, then do a weighted overlay.


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  1. Dylan on

    Nice post. One small problem. You neotards need to stop using the term ‘heatmap’ for things like this. This is clearly an interpolated, gridded surface generated from point observations. Thanks.

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Sounds almost like an inverse distance weighting function … close enough in my book for a heat map.

    “For each grid position it works out the nearest 10 sample points (or another tweakable number depending on your data), then works out the average signal strength of all the points. I went through several iterations of different methods and this turned out to be the most accurate and best for projection access point locations.”

    I had to look into some paleotard (FORTRAN!) code in the past that does something similar (VOACAP), albeit at a much different scale. Some of it’s assumptions make about as much sense to me as the office map.

    I really would like to see Slowchop do a noise map using a microphone, then we could have a signal to noise ratio map. Not scientifically accurate, but quite useful, at least for some of the offices I’ve worked in.

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