HyperLocal News Filters

All Points has an update on hyperlocal news. I look forward to seeing Everyblock grow, but I worry about the day when they (or someone else) will supplement their hyperlocal news feeds with geotagged blog posts. Once that happens public spats between neighbors will get libelous pretty quickly. (“Those dang Smith boys are the culprits who egged all those cars last night!”).

Maybe we need filtering (editorial oversight) at a local level. This could be done by neighborhood newsletters using cloud apps. Take a look at the protagonist in the following video. She is an editor of a neighborhood newsletter. What’s valuable here is not so much the explanation of Google Docs, but a workflow for editorial review at a local level. Perhaps someone like Everyblock could include local newsletters that follow some sort of journalistic ethics instead of just including any geotagged blog post.

So far though, users seem to prefer minimally filtered info. I don’t have any hard numbers, but it doesn’t look like Knol is going to catch up to Wikipedia any time soon, in either quantity or quality. Compare GIS at Knol to GIS at Wikipedia.

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  1. Adrian Holovaty on

    Hey there,

    At EveryBlock, we already *do* include geotagged blog posts — check the “News articles” section for any of our cities (e.g., chicago.everyblock.com/news-articles). I don’t blame ya for missing this, as we have a *lot* of information on our site, and it’s hard to take it all in. 🙂

    Adrian @ EveryBlock

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Hi Adrian –

    Thanks for clarifying. Now I see the blog posts in the News section. Does any geotagged blog article make it into Everyblock, or is there some sort of filtering?

    I’m on the board of directors a Home Owners Association. One of my duties is to moderate a neighborhood bulletin board (forum).

    So far, petty crime has been a very popular subject on the forums. When a neighbor reports a crime to the forum, others often respond, fingering who they feel is a likely suspect. While this looks like a good tool to keep neighbors informed, I do worry about libel.


  3. Adrian Holovaty on

    Hey Kirk,

    Currently we take a pure aggregation approach. Our goal is to point people at “recent stuff on the Web that’s geographically nearby.” (We also publish government data that doesn’t yet exist on the Web.)

    The only blog filtering happens in our creation of a list of local blogs that we index; there’s no content- or entry-based filtering at this time.


  4. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Hi Adrian –

    Looks like the vigilantes prefer RottenNeighbor.com, I wonder when they’ll discover Everyblock.



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