MMS GeoData Updates

I’m writing some tools to synchronize (geo)databases containing data from the US Minerals Management Service (MMS).

As I have watched, it appears some of the larger datasets are updated about every week or so. Only small portions of these large files actually change though. Life would be easier if they published diff files, or is this something atompub could do?

If the government is serious about boosting domestic exploration and production, they could update their site to make it easier for users to synchronize with the latest data.


2 comments so far

  1. Steinar on

    Agree, diff updates would make it easier to sync changes to our databases too.
    We currently use GOM3 from ESA ( and that makes it easier for us to maintain the Gulf Of Mexico data. However, the updates from ESA are not incremental and only replaces old shapes and tables.

  2. Sean Gillies on

    Nevermind the publishing part of AtomPub, an Atom feed with entries that linked to diffs or updated files would be handy indeed.

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