Digipede for Tiling?


Been looking through Digipede and wondering if it would be possible to take a grid based approach to map tile generation. Unlike most other grid solutions, this one is based on .NET, which means grid based ArcObjects apps should be possible. Since ArcSDE would likely become the bottleneck, seems like each node could cache a geographic area into an InMemory workspace, and generate tiles from that.


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  1. Dan Ciruli on

    Oh, it’s been done!

    While we don’t have any GIS expertise house, I know a handful of customers who are doing tiling of some sort or another. I *don’t* know if any are using ArcObjects…but if they’ve got a .NET interface, my guess is it’d be a snap…

  2. Andrew Larcombe on

    Did it about 10 years ago on a network of Pentium II 266Mhz machines. 🙂 Overnight each would connect to the server, request a batch of vector data then render it into raster tiles. Marvelous what you could do with some MFC and VB glue!

  3. Kirk Kuykendall on

    @Dan – you’re right, now I see from further searching something similar to tile generation has been done by Trekk, thanks!

    @Andrew, ahh, those were the days!

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