RFID for MyHouse

This is an elaboration of the MyHouse concept I mentioned in a previous post.

I’d like to have my pantry and refrigerator equiped with RFID so they know what is in stock. I would have a web page where I search for dinner recipes that are presented in a ranked fashion, ordered by how few extra ingredients I need to pick up from the store. In cases when I’m away from home I’d like an option to specify a path I normally travel home on. The web site would rank the recipes based on availability at stores along the path. Since I’m making a buying decision it could be fueled by ad revenue.

It seems like the CMU coke machine should have evolved into this already.


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  1. PintofStout on

    I was thinking of something kind of tangential last night in the grocery store. As we circled the store several times running down our list and covering way more ground than was necessary, I thought it would be nice to have a GIS of the store with the products and isles and such. Load your grocery list and have the items highlight on the store map to be picked up while in that isle.

    This could possibly be expanded to include several stores. Then after loading the grocery list, it could be cross-referenced to the store with the lowest price for that item and create maps of the stores such as above.

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    That would work for me. As an alternative to the map, maybe just get the aisle numbers via SMS to my cell phone would be enough.

    I guess grocery stores are a bit gun shy after getting burned by the dot com bubble.

    I wonder if Web2.0 will ever resurrect grocery delivery. Going back to the CMU coke machine … I suppose most of the cost of a coke goes to pay for the delivery van that keeps it stocked. By knowing when it needs re-stocking, costs could be greatly reduced.

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