Microsoft Dryad Presentation at Google

This is an interesting video: Microsoft presenting Dryad research to Google. Dryad is claimed to be a “superset” of MapReduce.

It seems like the complexity of Dryad could be hidden behind a modelbuilder-like interface.

I wonder how valid it is to view this video and think about modelbuilder terminology, replacing the word “vertex” with “tool”, “channel” with “intermediate data”. Note that, like earlier versions of geoprocessing, Dryad cannot handle cycles (loops).


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  1. Swanand on

    i need more information about Dryad. eg how it is implemented or any website which give more info. Plz

  2. Matthew on

    MapReduce isnt supposed to be able to loop. If something is looping then it needs the results of the previous operation before continueing. The power of mapreduce is that you break tasks into operations that don’t require loops, and can be easily parallelized on multiple processes and machines.

  3. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Yeah, it’s almost as if the introduction of looping to modelbuilder makes parallelizing perilous.

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