Sql Server Data Services with Spatial Data Types

The recently announced SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) looks exciting.

Passing OGC WKT strings to stored procedures should allow us to do Restful geoprocessing with SSDS, right?

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  1. Brian Flood on

    hey kirk

    was thinking the same thing myself, just waiting on my SDSS login to find out. However, this comment might answer it:
    “Underneath the hood, the service is running on SQL Server. So the rich capabilities of our server software is all there. We have chosen to expose a very simple slice of it for now.”

    it all depends on whats in that “simple slice”. that being said, with SDSS in place, I would expect an EC2-like service based on .Net in the near future. If, like EC2, you had free access to SDSS then the hosted, utility model world for .Net developers just got very interesting.


  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    Hi Brian –

    Since a stored procedure is just another string in a table, it seems like the simple slice might allow us edit them. Also, while I haven’t written any managed C# stored procedures, I do wonder if this use case will be supported with SDSS.

    Regards, Kirk

  3. Brian Flood on

    i didn’t get teh sense that stored procedures would be supports but that would be a pleasant surprise (not sure how you would write them with data structure of SDSS in mind).


  4. Morten on

    Well… if only SQL Server could do geoprocessing. The SQL Server Spatial team have been pretty clear that their database is not a GIS but just a database.
    All you can do really is doing some spatial queries, but I think geoprocessing is so much more.

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