Mix08: Finding the Pulse for Windows Live Core

Ray Ozzie doesn’t mention Windows Live Core by name in his Mix08 keynote video, but he seems to suggest they are moving forward. You may recall that this is the project staffed by some heavyweights that will provide a response to EC2.

Maybe Microsoft could farm out a job via Mechanical Turk to transcribe Ray’s presentation into searchable text, so I don’t have to summarize this for you:

Minute 12 is some good stuff – he mentions Grid computing and MapReduce.
Minute 20 – utility computing in the cloud.
Minute 25 – Scott Guthrie
27:30 IE8 (stopped watching here).

A lot more presentations are posted here, some look interesting.

Remember, Microsoft is spending a lot of money on datacenters. They’ll soon complete construction on the $1B datacenter here in San Antonio – which is only one of many. Presumably these datacenters will house Windows Live Core, providing a .NET alternative to EC2. I hope Microsoft has taken a look at the experience offered by AppLogic, and is planning something equivalent.

I didn’t see much discussion on any new Microsoft technology that helps computers on a cluster talk to each other. Given the importance of Linq, it sure seems like something like InterLinq is needed.

Using Visual Studio, I’d like to build and debug remote executables that reside in a datacenter.

In my mind this is what GIS 3.0 is all about.


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  1. Randy on

    Wow! Grids, utility computing, looks like AWS might be facing some competition. I wonder if hadoop will work on Windows server 2008 🙂

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    After searching a bit it looks like DryadLinq might be what Microsoft productizes.

    It’s like they’re combining hadoop with InterLinq.

    According to OakLeaf

    Microsoft says:
    “The goal of DryadLINQ is to make distributed computing on large compute cluster simple, simple enough for ordinary programmers. DryadLINQ combines two important pieces of Microsoft technology: the Dryad distributed execution engine and the .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Dryad enables reliable, distributed computing on thousands of servers for large-scale data parallel applications; LINQ enables the developers to write and debug their applications in a SQL-like query language, with the entire .NET library at their disposal and in the familiar environment of Visual Studio. This combination has produced a simple, powerful, and elegant programming environment for writing large-scale data parallel applications running on large PC clusters.”

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