Linq for Raster Geoprocessing

ray tracer

Most of the Linq examples I see are oriented towards SQL. Here’s something really different though –
Luke Hoban has an example of using Linq to do ray tracing. I consider Ray tracing as a special case of raster processing. It would be interesting to simplify this to show a more conventional use case for raster geoprocessing. An important part of geoprocessing though, is the ability to save expressions (or scripts). Notice that the Expression tree is both code and data. Since it is data, I should be able to serialize it, right? While Expression(TDelegate) has a ToString() method, I don’t see a constructor that accepts a string. This thread is the closest thing I found that suggests deserialization is possible.

In the ray tracing example, this means a client would build a raytracing expression then send it to a server (that has lots of cpu (or gpu?)) for execution.

Or thinking in terms of arcmap, – you can save the calculator code in a .cal file. What if there were a raster calculator that saved expression trees in a similar fashion?

Update: Looks like InterLINQ might be the ticket.

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