LambdaExpressions for Spatial Operators

I’ve been reading a bit about ExpressionTrees:

Expression trees were created in order to make the task of converting code such as a query expression into a string that can be passed to some other process and executed there. It is that simple. There is no great mystery here, no magic wand that needs to be waved. One simply takes code, converts it into data, and then analyzes the data to find the constituent parts that will be translated into a string that can be passed to another process. – Charlie Calvert.

Isn’t this essentially what modelbuilder does?

I think I’ll back off from CodeDOM and focus on this instead.

It seems like it would be interesting to create LambdaExpressions for spatial operators. I wonder if lambda expressions could be used to resurrect the DOCELL capability that existed in workstation ARC/INFO but never ported to ArcGIS.


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