Spatial Data in HyperTable?


Realizing that the geodatabase would be the bottleneck in a parallel geoprocessing cluster, I read a bit on how Google manages its BigTable, and found HyperTable, a recently announced opensource project modeled after BigTable.

HyperTable’s sponsor is Zvents, a company that specializes in local search. If they’re doing local search they must be into LBS. I wonder if anyone there is looking into spatially enabling Hypertable ? Their sample queries indicate they can do a lot with temporal envelopes (timestamps) it seems like this could be extended to handle spatial minimum bounding rectangles (MBRs).


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  1. Doug Judd on

    We had a discussion about this on our mailing list a while back. Implementing a spatial index on top of Hypertable is definitely doable and is on our TODO list. Check out the discussion:

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