Saving and Restoring Topology Exceptions

I really like being able to save the topology rules from a topology class in ArcGIS. It makes it so much easier when I have to drop and rebuild the topology.

What would be great is if ESRI provided something similar that would allow me to save and restore topology errors that users have laboriously flagged as exceptions. I have posted code here that provides a Toolbar called “Topology Exceptions”. Use it within Arcmap in an edit session. Save Exceptions writes out all the errors users have flagged as exceptions to a temp text file. Restore Exceptions reads the text file and then loops through the topology and flags each error it finds that is mentioned in the file as an exception.

I have tested it a bit, but it would be great if someone with a lot of complicated topology rules could test it. Source code is provided.


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  1. Johan Baard on

    Dear Kirk, i would like to use this extension as i have 8000+ exceptions (rivers starting in mountains (dangling nodes). I cannot figure out how to start the extension, ie, i do not see eg an exe or bas file or other excecutable file. I see two same named dll files and because it is two with the same name, i do not know which one to use (if that is what i should do). Can you advise please?
    Regards, Johan Baard

  2. Kirk Kuykendall on

    I’ve added an installer (.msi file) to the zip file at arcscripts. Unzip and double click the msi file to install.

  3. Kirk Kuykendall on

    I’ve got to keep 9.2 SP3 on my development box for a project I’m working on. It has been reported to me by someone with SP4 is unable to install the .msi.

    Has anyone been able to install with SP4?

    If not, can someone re-build the msi from the source I’ve provided on a machine with SP4?

  4. David on

    Dear Kirk,
    your extension would be nice to use.
    Please, do you consider it’s usage on Windows 7 (64bit) ?
    Thank you.

    With regards,

    • Kirk Kuykendall on

      I’ve tested it on Vista64, but not Win7. Have you tried it on Win7 64 ?

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