Crowdsourcing for Seismic Surveys

Every weekday afternoon around 5pm or so, the quarry several miles from my house blasts away a new layer of limestone. Whenever I feel the slight tremor from the blast, I feel as if valuable data is going uncollected. Could this data somehow be used to make a 3D model of the Edwards Aquifer?

An overlooked aspect of a GPS receiver is the highly accurate clock it contains. It seems like GPS receivers (and their clocks) could be attached to low-cost seismometers. The common clock of the GPS would allow independently collected data to be synthesized. I wonder if there might be enough geo-geeks in my neighborhood to build and deploy an array of these. There’s another quarry about 10 miles away, where I presume they also blast, so not all blasting signals originate from the same location. There will also soon be a lot of highway construction starting in this area, which will likely involve yet more blasting. Once the data is collected, it could be forwarded to a central site for processing. With all the recent innovations in oil exploration seismic processing, it seems like this data could be continually synthesized for model refinement. I’m not a seismologist, but would be interested in hearing from one regarding the plausibility of this.

While the geologists over at Edwards Aquifer Authority have done an fine job, it would be nice if they could build some detailed 3D models and serve them out on the web.
Edwards aquifer

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