Crowdsourcing for IPhone Calibration

Reading about Peter Batty playing with his IPhone makes me wonder about business models for calibration of geolocation technologies.

It seems to me that if I make a call from a phone equiped with GPS in an area covered by cell towers or WiFi, that my GPS location could be collected and used for calibration. When subsequent calls are made from that area with phones (such as IPhones) that lack GPS, a correctional offset could be applied. Since my GPS location has value, seems like I should be offered some way to sell it. Or trade it for minutes?

Is Google’s My Location already doing this? If so, then since Google owns the locational bit of info, calling it “My Location” seems a bit misleading.

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  1. Morten on

    Unfortunately it’s not that simple. The reasons for the inaccuracies are unfortunately many and not constant.

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