Linq to Geodatabase Provider

As suggested by Dave Bouwman and Ron Bruder, I’ve played around a bit with ArcGIS diagrammer developed by Richie Carmichael. I like it. It would be great to see something like this offered as a fully supported product.

I’ve also watched some of the Linq to SQL videos at MSDN. Keep in mind that Linq is extensible, so while currently there are only a few providers, expect soon to see other Linq providers appearing, for example Linq to Google.

It sure would be cool if ESRI wrote a Linq to Geodatabase provider.

If ESRI doesn’t do something, I suspect many will opt to bypass ArcSDE altogether and access SQL Server directly via Linq to SQL, once it supports spatial types.

I suppose if ESRI did it right it would support a user experience similar to the one in this video, but in C# of course :). I suppose, too, it would involve writing a designer with similar look and feel as ArcGIS diagrammer.

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