Spatial Awareness for Kindle?


The geospatial community has blogged about Kindle (like High Earth Orbit, Henri Bergius and Peter Batty and AnyGeo)

I don’t see anyone asking about spatial awareness though. I think it would be great if I could download some sort of spatial documents to a device then query those documents using location. Doesn’t EV-DO support some sort of geolocation capability that amazon could tap into and let me browse documents relevant to my location?

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  1. jon on

    “query those [spatial] documents using location” — are you kidding me? Get a tablet or a UMPC if you want that.

  2. Kirk on

    While a UMPC platform would certainly have more horsepower, it seems like what Amazon could offer is a way for data creators to publish their work and receive royalties. This sort of economic incentive has allowed the book market to grow a “long tail”. I’d like to see the geodata market do the same.

  3. Dave Smith on

    You need to be able to parse those documents and extract places, match them against a gazetteer or geocoder, and there’s the old “Paris France versus Paris Texas versus Paris Hilton” effect…

    Not such a simple undertaking, and beyond the scope of a simple document viewer – though at some point in the near future, certainly pre-tagged documents could be visualized with a UMPC or other lightweight viewer…

  4. Kirk on

    Seems like the parsing/extracting could be done by something like Metacarta. The important thing I see in Kindle is how it ties into Amazon’s business process and creates a market for proprietary digital data. If Amazon could include geodata then our industry would benefit.

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