Mama is Watching You: AT&T rolls out Remote Monitoring

Behave yourself when you dine at Mama’s Cafe here in San Antonio. Mama, Ma Bell, and Big Brother … I guess this is what family dining is all about.

Addendum – Oh, and let’s not forget about Uncle Sam.

From New York Times article:

“It is Big Brother, but in this day and age, you need these type of tools” for theft protection, weeding out false accident claims and other risks, said Beaux Roby, owner of a chain of five Mama’s Café restaurants and two banquet halls in Texas. Mr. Roby has been using the system for nine weeks as part of a pilot program. “You have fraudulent claims from customers that trip and fall and things like that,” he said.

If AT&T’s remote monitoring is successful, I would think a map interface for selecting monitoring sites navigating the wireless sensor network would become a requirement for quickly finding the monitoring site you’d like to view. Or suppose you had an RFID detector as a monitoring device, you could choose a particular RFID and have an application that switches which video feed to monitor as the RFID tag is detected at different locations.


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