Phones, Buildings, and First Responders

rainbow of fear

News that the Google phone will run Google Earth is intriguing. VectorOne doubts the usefulness of mobile phone progammability for the typical consumer, but recognizes an interest to download maps.

This could get complicated. Take for example first responders who need to quickly download building models to their phone. DirectionsMag has a good article about CityGML. Would LOD4 be sufficient for shortest path finding through a building’s interior? How much of a building model should be transmitted to the phone?

How much detail would be lost going from CityGML to KML?

With so many earmarks for homeland security coming out of congress, seems like someone in the community could leverage the culture of fear to answer some of these questions.

This would also be relevant to Google’s business model. Say I’m a pedestrian in a shopping district and want to get directions to some item on sale in some other building. I’d like to get a path along with 3D building models guiding me to my destination downloaded to my phone.

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