Space, Time & Hydrography


ESRI has developed some useful hydrography tools for Spatial Analyst. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any tools for cleaning up gaps and spikes in flow (time series) data. Water flow telemetry can contain a lot of subtle noise that should be cleaned before used in models.

I’m writing some tools to clean up time series data. It seems like some of the concepts of the 2 dimensional kernel used by spatial analyst could be generalized (and simplified) to work with one dimensional (time series) data. This would allow me to resample data collected at odd intervals into an evenly spaced sampling scheme. Lots of the operators available for rasters seem applicable to time series: resampling, overlays, convolution.

There appear to be a lot of tools out there written for stock market analysis, but they don’t seem concerned with cleaning up errors.


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  1. Steven Citron-Pousty on

    You just to need to look at some of the time series analysis in R to look for kernel smoother for spatial data. You should also look at Kalman Filters and Wavelets for fun time series smoothing and analysis

  2. Kirk on

    Hi Steven – I looked into R, and yes, it looks promising. I’ve forwarded info on Hydrosanity to the hydrologist working on the project with me.

    Will try to post on what becomes of this.


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