GIS for Citywide Wi-Fi – what about Tracking Server?

From Metropolis.

Cnet has an interesting article describing what is needed for successful citywide Wi-Fi deployment.

One of the common threads weaved through each of these [successful] deployments is that all of these cities have committed to using the Wi-Fi networks for their own purposes whether it be to provide remote access for mobile city workers, automate meter reading, control traffic congestion or enhance public safety.

If this is indeed the case, I think (near) real-time GIS mapping applications need more attention. I heard a rumor over a month ago that ESRI has bought Tracking Server from Northrop Grumman. However, I haven’t seen any press releases. I was told there are no plans to include Tracking Server as part of an EDN subscription. I guess this means Tracking Server will stay primarily in the Defense sector. That’s too bad, I think there are a lot of peaceful applications of this technology.


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