Mapping, DogFooding and Crowdsourcing

I finished the first day of ESRI’s instructor led training “Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Using the Microsoft .NET Framework“.

Given the recent buzz about crowdsourcing, I was surprised to find no module in the courseware for editing. Isn’t simple map editing fundamental to crowdsourcing? Can ArcGIS Server even support crowdsourcing?

Normally I don’t think of dog food at lunch time, but today was different.
I heard the term was inspired by Lorne Green’s Alpo commercials where he’d say something like “it tastes so good, I even feed it to my own dogs!” In this context, I’m suggesting DogFooding as a means for ESRI to test its own technology internally.

So instead of handing out a rather lame map of nearby restaurants, ESRI should provide a crowdsourced web map edited by students/restaurant critics. This should be a simple start.

In that spirit, I have prepared this map of places within walking distance of ESRI’s San Antonio office where one may eat for free.

As a refinement, I’d like to be able to SMS from my cell phone in Costco “excellent kashi samples on aisle 312″, and have it added to my server. Get it while its hot.


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