Hyperlocal Weather Forecasting Requirement

I’m guessing the doppler weather sites get a lot of hits. doppler_lg.gif

A typical use case is “when will the storm reach my house”?

Seems to me weather sites could provide a tool that allows the user to place two markers, on different timesteps of the image. The software could then extrapolate a timeline to allow the user to predict when the storm will hit.

Advertisers could be offered an option to purchase ad space that appears along the timeline.


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  1. Matt M. on

    I agree that this would be an excellent (and common sense) mashup to produce. At first I was thinking that liability issues would crop up (e.g., “But, the storm didn’t appear to be heading my way!”). However, if the markers are drawn by the user then they don’t have anyone to blame but themselves…per se. It would be a fine line.

    Either way, I can see the interest of advertisers as you state. How about ads for storm shelters or homeowners insurance as a storm is bearing down? 😉


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