Indian Embassy needs a Call Center

I’m not traveling to India to investigate setting up a call center there. But if I were, I would certainly be having second thoughts about it.

Here’s a challenge: call any number at the visa section of the Indian Embassy in Washington and try to get a human. Or better yet, leave a name number and see if they ever call you back.

Is this the embassy of the country poised to become the English speaking world’s call center?


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  1. anand on

    i agree, i’m a indian and its the worst voice message i have ever seen.

    good that u posted it

  2. Cyrus on

    Try email, they normally respond to them. Well, why blame Indian embassy, try getting in touch with a human on the phone at any of the US embassies in India. All you get always is an automated voice and they never respond to emails.

    What I am implying is the trend is common among all the governments irrespective of how advanced the country is.

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  4. sam on

    Im a business man and I sell mercedez benz cars for my living. That doesnt mean that I should have a mercedes car too. I may have a lot of other things in my life where I can put that money in… this is the same way.. I hope threre is a day where people think in a different perspective rather than posting sterotype ideas..


  5. Kirk on

    I don’t think of a call center as a luxury. It would be less expensive to outsource some of the work done in Washington DC to a location in India where it can be performed better and at lower cost. There would also be an economy of scale, since a call center could support Indian Embassies around the world.

  6. stephanie on

    we are a call center in bolivia and we would like to offer you our services for a call center. we do inbound as well as outbound calling our hourly rate is $4 dollars an hour if you are interested in our services please contact me via email at asap. we look forward to hearing from you

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