Swivel Geography Rolled Out

Wow, that was fast, my suggestion from two weeks ago has already come to fruition.

Swivel announced at Where 2.0 the release of Swivel Geography.

However, when I click on “Post to Blog”, I was hoping to get some html that I could paste here to show the map. Instead, all I get is the same old graph:

Military spending by country

Am I missing something obvious?


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  1. James Fee on

    Above the graph there should be a link to the map. You can also download a KML from that Map page.

  2. Kirk on

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the reply, but was wanting a way to have the map appear in the blog instead of the graph … I don’t see how to do that (at least from firefox).

    I see the user can click on the image of the graph, which then takes them to swivel, and they then must click on the “Map” button – is that what you mean?


  3. gispro on

    Yea, I see what you mean now. You are correct, I don’t believe you can post a map.

    The work around would be take the KML and embed the Google Map on your blog.

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