Swivel Geography

Vector One pointed me to Swivel, a site I find very interesting. I really like the concept. It would be really cool if they would incorporate mapping in addition to graphing. Data like this begs to be mapped.
4/1/2000  - Population estimates and Percent - Change 2000-2006 by Geographic Area
Seems like they could start out really simple by providing points of cities and polygons of political jurisdictions. They could then provide users who upload data an option to create maps by joining them to these spatial datasets.

I wonder if Google will position their spreadsheets to compete more directly with Swivel. Since Wikipedia seems to lack a lot of the data and graphs offered by hard-copy encyclopedias, maybe they too will move in Swivel’s direction.


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  1. John on

    You might like to have a look at http://www.instantatlas.com which does exactly this type of thing.

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  3. Brian Mulloy on

    Visnu (http://www.flickr.com/photos/x180/520321133/) mentioned your blog and Vector One on stage at Where2.0 yesterday when he announced Swivel Geography. In fact, we had picked a pretty confusing name (Swivel Data Maps) until we saw your blog posts and decided to roll with Swivel Geography as the naming.

    BTW, we’ll be rolling out the ability to embed a map in a blog in the next month or so.

    Brian Mulloy
    CEO & Co-founder

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