GIS Helps Manage Water Rights

Here in South Texas everyone talks about a looming water crisis, but few are doing anything about it.

An exception seems to be Guadalupe County Groundwater Conservation District where they are using GIS to stake a claim on groundwater.

If the county moves forward with the idea, it could be a groundbreaking option for Texas counties, cities and municipal utility districts to gain pumping rights from groundwater districts and make money by leasing the water rights for property the county owns, including long stretches of county roads.

They seem to be assuming uniform thickness of the water bearing sand formation. I wonder if people will demand a more accurate survey of subsurface water.


2 comments so far

  1. Morten on

    So how does this help? That one county claims the right to water, just makes it worse for any else who need access to the same groundwater. Someday we really need to put the word “conservation” into the american vocabulary.
    oooh talking about the devil… there goes the neighbours’ sprinklers again… in the middle of the day so the sun can vapourize the water before it has any effect on the lawn.

  2. Kirk on

    Yes Morten, I now see my faith in the invisible hand of the free-market god makes me a bit biased. Perhaps higher prices might make your neighbor conserve more and avoid a “tragedy of the commons”.

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