Taxes, Web 2.0

To put Web2.0 to the test I decided to wait til the last minute to e-file my taxes. Using Turbotax online last night, I was surprised to experience only a few timeouts.

Update: others weren’t so lucky.

I wonder how they go about scaling their servers. What do they do with all the spare capacity during the rest of the year? I’ve heard EC2 is Amazon’s way of generating revenue during offpeak periods – I’d be interested in hearing how much EC2 performance degrades during Christmas shopping season.

Perhaps more importantly, what does Turbotax do with all the data they collect? They promise me confidentiality, and yet they implicate me and everyone else here in San Antonio as being stingy.

OK, so if they’ve decided publication of aggregated tax return data doesn’t violate confidentiality standards, why don’t they become a data vendor? It’d be interesting to see a map showing zipcodes shaded based on percent of last minute filers. In looking through their products, I don’t see any mention of geodata.


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