It was a dark and stormy night

Actually it was afternoon. But it was dark & stormy – we were under a tornado watch. Suddenly my phone rang. I answered … after saying hello a few times a man greets me and offers to sell me home insurance. He offers me a special deal, emphasizing that it covers completely “should your house be destroyed by a tornado”. He was very anxious for my credit card number.

I can’t help but wonder if this telemarketing call center is equiped with GIS allowing them to target potential customers (or scam victims?) based on real-time weather alerts.


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  1. Brian Flood on

    that’s pretty amazing, my guess is scam. Did you get the phone number?


  2. Kirk on

    Hey Brian –

    No, I was too busy at the time, should have. I could hear other telemarketers talking in the background, so it was a big operation. The phone I answered on lacks callerID, so didn’t get that either. I’m on a do-not-call list, but anyone with whom I’ve had business dealings with in the past are exempt from it, so I guess any of the insurance companies that I asked for a quote last year could legally call me.

    BTW, have you played with Google’s MyMaps? Any plans for an Arc2MyMaps?

    Regards, Kirk

  3. Brian Flood on

    hey kirk

    yea, I guess that sounds legit. still kinda cool they were using spatial events to drive cold calls (even though I’m completely against cold calling in any form)

    MyMaps – yes, I have looked at it. currently a POST operation/json response is used to save maps. Google has pretty intricate cookies controling access so my though was to wait until they had an “import” feature. Then, A2E could export to kml/map tiles and then turn them into a MyMaps map…or something like that 🙂


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