Google Maps + Spreadsheet = Spatial Modeling for the Masses

Remember Visicalc ? … not sure but l think it inspired the term “killer app”.

Spreadsheets are the first step for most people into computer modeling. I suspect more people have written a spreadsheet based model to save for retirement than any other type of model. So to get more people into spatial modeling, it seems like the spreadsheet would be a logical starting point.

It looks like Google might be heading in that direction.

It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult for Google to beef up cell formulae to support spatial operators.

For example: make a map of restaurants within 1 mile of movie theaters where “Blades of Glory” is playing.

They’ve hired Ed Parsons, so expect some cool things.

There is competition in this area, as Adena notes, Yahoo Pipes offers a lot of value.


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  1. walt on

    This is pretty cool. I’m going to rework the little mashup I did in v1 of the API to use this (just to try it out).

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