And what is Desktop, Chopped Liver ?

James has pointed out how ESRI is focusing more on Server than Desktop at the upcoming Dev Summit. This is not just in terms of Conference resources. There are cool & useful things in ArcGIS server that have no equivalent in Desktop.

For example, take a look a the FeatureGraphicsLayer, available in AGS. This handy class inherits from DataTable.

So what about desktop? I can create an in-memory featureclass via an InMemoryWorkspaceFactory (by trial and error, there’s not much documentation). However, it’s still an IFeatureClass … it would really be better if I had a something like a layer that inherits from ADO DataTable that could be shown with a TableView in ArcMap.


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  1. Dave on

    This is a really good point – ESRI should push some of the nicer .NET integration back into Desktop. BTW – have you seen the Mobile ADF API? It’s 100% .NET – data binding all over the place.

    I suspect (no inside info) that the reason we are not seeing better .NET integration in desktop (i.e. the core Geodatabase libraries) is that they are being re-worked for 10.x to be much more .NET oriented. (hell – maybe they’ll can COM at 10.x?? Who knows!)


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