9.3 Wish: RasterGraphicsLayer (in memory)

Art’s place is looking for AGS topics.

I really like the in-memory FeatureGraphicsLayer in 9.2 – very handy indeed. In 9.3 I’d like to see something similar for raster layers. Also, provide classes similar to all the RasterXXOp classes in ESRI.ArcGIS.GeoAnalyst and make them available in the web adf. Instead of operating on file-based rasters though, they would need to operate on RasterGraphicsLayers. Also, maybe the SOC could be made smart enough to use the GPU for the raster processing of RasterGraphicsLayers.


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  1. Morten on

    You are right that the FeatureGraphicsLayer is very easy to work with, and often convinient for quickly displaying a smaller set of features.
    Storing rasters in memory is quite memory-hogging, so I’m not so sure that is a very good idea, but I guess it is usefull in some cases (could you name a few cases where you would need this?)
    You could instead create a new tiled datasource, store the image tiles in memory, and serve them as they get requested.
    Also post your requests over at Art’s blog: http://artsplace.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!56D6C3AF278BFBAC!374.entry

  2. Administrator on

    There are many cases where overlapping point features don’t communicate the density of some phenomenon … think about how many mashups result in lots of overlapping marker symbols. For example, if I were looking for crime hotspots in a web map, I’d like to make a quick raster where the cells are rendered based on number of crime points that fall within it, then maybe smooth it with some inverse distance weighting.

    About the only thing that comes close to this is the “heat map” at http://www.zillow.com. Once the general public becomes more acquainted with the “heat map” concept, I think it will catch on.  The heat symbology is scaled at a national level, I don’t see a way to re-scale the colorramp based on the range within a particular city.  A RasterGraphicsLayer would support this, no?
    I’ve seen lots of posts on the forums about the difficulty in deleting raster datasets (IDataset.Delete()). Hopefully this has been resolved, but perhaps an in-memory raster would avoid this issue altogether.

  3. […] Thanks to scrappad for pointing out a site that I think illustrates why RasterGraphicsLayer would be a useful addition for AGS 9.3. […]

  4. Administrator on

    Here’s another good example of a heat map. I like this one because it shows how a rastergraphicslayer that doesn’t use much memory (i.e. low resolution) can still be quite informative. http://geobloggers.com/archives/2006/11/13/heat-maps-part-1-the-most-interesting-place-in-the-world/

  5. Heatmaps « The Memory Leak on

    […] Posted November 10, 2006 Thanks to scrappad for pointing out a site that I think illustrates why RasterGraphicsLayer would be a useful addition for AGS […]

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