Time to Resurrect $RECNO ?

I really like the new file based geodatabase.  It seems to me that this means ESRI could bring back some of the good ol’ direct access methods … remember RELATE with the LINK option?  Remember in avenue how quickly you could iterate through a bitmap?  I know, I know … it’s not proper relational db practice, but hey, its fast.  Maybe a selectionset bitmap class could be offered in ArcObjects?


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  1. Kim on

    Yeah, and selection sets. It made creating queries much easier, and then you could do boolean operations on the separate results. Since it was in a separate space from the database, then I don’t see that it breaks any relational db practice. After all Blobs break it, shape fields break it.

    The practical result of all these omissions is a lack of scaleability. I cannot get any spatial operations to work on even small datasets. Has anyone ever got a spatial join in ArcMap to complete on a real dataset (not a sample)?

    I have to go back to tools that have underlying them direct access via $RECNO to be able to complete in reasonable time and memory.

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