CodeDOM for Spatial Analyst?

Long ago I remember writing DOCELL routines for ArcGrid. Apparently this is no longer supported. However, it is possible to write a lot of tedious ArcObjects code to loop through each pixel in a PixelBlock. It seems like it should be possible for ESRI to use CodeDOM so that a user could write just a single method that gets called by ArcGIS for each pixel. This method would be added to code generated and compiled at runtime.

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  1. Kim on

    Why not just use PIL? It has several simple classes that let you define a function the same as a DOCELL. eg Image.eval(image,function)
    It works very quickly too…

  2. Tom on

    I still use DOCELL a lot for doing complex raster modeling. It is very useful. The “tedious ArcObjects code” example for DOCELL is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t imagine going through that code to write a DOCELL loop. Whenever I see examples like that it makes me think that ESRI has lost its way.

    That there is no realistic equivilent anywhere in ArcMap seems to be a big hole, for me at least. I looked into the Python image module that Kim mentioned. Not sure that this will do quite the same as DOCELL. Will look into CodeDOM..

  3. Kirk on

    Here’s a link to a CodeDOM calculator. It would be interesting to see someone write a rastercalculator so that supports raster calculator types of that include relative cell syntax.

    It’s interesting to look at the Linq project which is coming soon in .NET 3.0.

    I wonder if it might be useful for a software vendor to take a Linq-ish approach to raster processing. Analogous to translating programmer friendly expressions to SQL, it would translate DOCELL expressions into tedious raster calculation code.

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