Integrate Lego Mindstorm NXT with Arcpad?

I wonder how hard it would be to put ArcPad on a PDA, strap it onto a Lego Mindstorm robot and have it run a data collection mission. If you had a swarm of these all tied to a control station, it seems like you could use this as a testbed for hardened robots for serious applications like fire detection.

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  1. Elvin on


    Great comments on the ArcPad + XAML. And love the lego thinking too.

    Its great to see someone thinking that way we like to think we’re thinking on the ArcPad team 😉


    PS I play with robotics

  2. Administrator on

    Hey Elvin –

    Good to hear from you. I got my father lego Mindstorms for his 70th birthday, tried explaining to him that you can do serious robotics with it. Have you played with mindstorms any?


  3. Elvin on

    Hi Kirk

    I haven’t played with the Lego stuff yet (although that’s coming as my 7yr old is bigtime into Lego).

    However I used write embedded microcontroller code and even built a cartridge that allowed a GameBoy to be used to control stuff and I’ve also played with the stuff from


  4. Administrator on

    Hi Elvin –

    I’m sure glad to hear from a GIS guy that sees the potential of robotics. While I find doing spatial analysis interesting, I fear that kids accustomed to warfare in a “persistent world” would lose interest quickly.

    Like the folks at intellecta, I think combining robotics with other things, like GIS, can make learning fun. I’ve got a 7 yr old son too – he’s really into Bionicles. I’m hoping that robotics can be just as fun for him as video games, but more educational. Now if Legos would just add a gun device so robots could shoot each other, I’m sure he’d be hooked.


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