Smooth 3D Fly-throughs

I really like seeing the cool stuff people are doing with 3D GIS. It could be improved, however, if fly-through paths were based on laws of aerodynamics. Granted, putting aerodynamics into GIS would be a major undertaking. But what about taking an open-source flightsim package such FlightGear, and use it to generate flight paths that the GIS would then use for generating animations?

Or, maybe add a globecontrol to flightgear so you could be flying through your GIS, controling throttle, flaps, etc.


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  1. Alexandre Leroux on

    Too bad the FlightGear website has exceeded its bandwitdh… I get the “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.” message… is your blog too popular 😉

  2. Kirk on

    Hi Alexandre –

    Hmm, I wonder who pays for more bandwidth as its needed on an opensource project. Maybe they need to move to sourceforge, there’s a related project there, FlightGear Scenery Designer , that might be a place where GIS integration would add a lot of value.

    Regards, Kirk

  3. Administrator on

    OK, so they do have a project on sourceforge, .

  4. John Layt on

    There’s a related project for FlightGear called Atlas that uses the FlightGear terrain files to live map your flight path. OK, so that’s going the wrong direction, but there could be the makings of an inteface there…


  5. Administrator on

    Hey John –

    That looks interesting, but like you say, kinda backwards. Seems like it would make more sense to use ArcEngine with 3D analyst extension to add a scenecontrol. I know that’s heresy to devout opensourcerers, but if approached from a buy vs. build standpoint makes sense. (Full disclosure: I’m a reseller of ArcEngine Designer).

    Also just beefing up Flight gear so it writes out camera angles every few seconds, then write a VBA script for ArcScene that reads and creates keyframes for animations might be an easy place to start.

    Regards, Kirk

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