Plate Tectonics in ArcGlobe?

I’m surprised Chris Scotese hasn’t ported his plate tectonic modeling applications to ArcGlobe.

Long ago (well, not that long geologically speaking) I worked on integration of ARC/INFO with a plate tectonics modeling package. Plate movement through time is described as a sequence of rotations about a pole. These movements are inferred from geologic field work that is constantly being refined, or at least updated. The math gets really hairy, but it seems like internally ArcGlobe has to perform these calculations anyway. If ESRI were to expose a method that allows a polygon to be rotated about an arbitrary pole a specified number of radians, then porting a plate tectonic app would be a lot easier. Even better would be if I could take a sequence of rotations and sum them all up to a single rotation.

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  1. Administrator on

    Here’s someone is doing this with Google Earth.

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